Exercises for Seniors

As you get older, your body starts to change. Arthritis, weakening muscles, and the danger of potential falls are a reality during your golden years, but your life shouldn’t be dictated by aches and pains. 

Seniors can improve the quality of their lives by staying in shape with low-impact exercises.

Exercising as a senior can help you stay active during your golden years. Contact Westshore if you have any injuries or conditions that may impact your ability to exercise.


Oral Allergy Syndrome

Do you or someone you know complain about itching of the mouth when they eat certain foods?  Do you or this person complain of increased allergy symptoms during certain parts of the year?  If so, this could indicate Oral Allergy Syndrome.

image of watermelon slices

What is it?

Oral allergy syndrome occurs when the proteins in foods look similar to the proteins in pollens.  For example, people who have an allergy to Ragweed may complain that watermelon causes itching of the mouth, throat or tongue.


Sports Injuries: Prevention Tips

Participating in sports as an adult can be a whole lot of fun. Competitive games can help bring people together as a team and serve as a fun way to stay fit after you get out of work or while you are at school.

Unfortunately, playing sports can also lead to injuries, a reality that comes with physical competition.

Contact Westshore if you’re suffering from any sports-related injuries.