Cold Weather Health Tips for Seniors

As the winter in Northeast Ohio settles in, negative temperatures can become a frequent occurrence. But wintry weather is always a threat, especially for senior citizens.

Elderly individuals can face a number of issues during cold weather, so make sure to follow these tips – or pass them along to someone you may know – to keep safe while there’s still a nip in the air.

Seniors shouldn’t feel trapped by the cold weather. These tips can help them stay healthy and happy in chillier times.


Tips to Help You Keep Your Healthy Resolutions

Starting a New Year’s resolution is easy. Keeping it is the hard part. Healthy living is one of the main goals for resolutions, but giving up after just a week or two isn’t going to help anyone in 2018. Here’s what you need to know to help you stick with your New Year’s resolution.

Tips to keeping your New Year’s resolutions in 2018.