5 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is a favorite time of year for many children – and adults, too! As the candy and sweets begin to fill your household, it can seem impossible to avoid the leftover candy and keep your family healthy. Here are five nutrition tips to help keep your diet on track during this sweet time of year. 

A family practicing healthy nutrition tips during Halloween.

Wait Until The Last Minute Before Buying Halloween Candy 

The sooner you bring Halloween candy into your home, the easier it becomes to give into sweets before the holiday even arrives. Rather than stocking up on your Halloween candy once the month of October hits, consider waiting until the week (or even the day) before Halloween.  

Hand Out Non-Sugary Treats or Toys

Your Halloween treats don’t always need to be candy. Rather than handing out strictly sweets, get creative with other non-sugary snacks kids will love. Snacks could include animal crackers, pretzels, cheddar popcorn balls or apples. 

Handing out small toys is another way to engage in the trick-or-treating fun without encouraging unhealthy treats or snacks. Halloween-related toys such as pencils, erasers, stickers or tattoos are goodies kids will still enjoy receiving. 

Eat Before You Trick-or-Treat

It’s easy for children and parents to indulge in Halloween candy immediately after returning from a long and fun night trick-or-treating. To prevent substantial amounts of sugar intake the evening of Halloween, arrange for a healthy dinnertime meal not long before heading out for trick-or-treat. Your kids may be less tempted to snack on candy throughout the night.

Keep Active

Not everything about the Halloween holiday is unhealthy. Trick-or-treating can also be the perfect activity to stay active walking (or even running!) from house to house in the neighborhood. While accompany your kids on their hunt for treats and admiring the many decorations or costumes, don’t forget you can keep your heartrate up! 

Remember Portion Control 

One of the best practices following Halloween is to set boundaries on how often and how much candy your family can eat. Keep your candy stash high on the shelf and limit your kids and self to just two pieces at most a day. If you can, try to stick to low-calorie, healthier candies such as a dark chocolate, or even cut portions in half. 

A healthy diet can have a significant impact on your family, regardless of the time of year. If you have questions on how to support healthy eating habits for your children, a Cleveland dietitian can help provide guidance for your child’s diet. Give us a call at 440-327-6687 or contact Westshore online to make an appointment with a dietitian today.


DISCLAIMER: This blog is for informational purposes only. It does not replace medical care from a licensed physician. If you have a medical concern, please contact your doctor.

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