How To Prepare Your Kids For Sports

Before every professional athlete became a star, he or she was just a kid playing sports. There is a long road for your children to become champions, and it all starts with getting them properly prepared to play sports and, most importantly, to have fun.

Preparing your kids for sports can keep them healthy and active

Get in Shape

It’s never too early to be active. If your child is getting ready for sports season, ask their coach or gym teacher about specific exercises that can help them get in shape and keep them healthy during the season. Also, encourage your kids to play outside and run around, which serves as an excellent way to improve their cardio.

Set Some Goals

Part of the fun of sports comes from the competition, so inspire your children to always improve when they prepare for sports. Have your kids set goals for themselves that they can try and beat on their own. That way they can have fun trying to outdo their previous best.

Keep it Fun

Remember, kids aren’t necessarily thinking about NFL paydays or NBA championships. Make sure that sports stay fun for your children and not overwork them. Take breaks to keep them healthy, and let them figure out which organized sports are best for them.

Get a Physical

Before your children participate in organized sports, they’re going to need to have a physical. Gives us a call at 440-333-1107 or contact us online to get the ball rolling for a season of fun.

Dr. David Gumucio, D.O. 

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