Physician Spotlight: Dr. Jason Ridgel

In the 15 years Dr. Jason Ridgel has practiced for Westshore Primary Care, he’s shown a dedication to building relationships. His work allows him to get to know his patients and help them live a healthy lifestyle. In fact, Dr. Ridgel has been fortunate enough to serve some patients long enough to provide care for four different generations of their family.

After years of care, people get to know their physician. Dr. Ridgel’s patients know that he practices what he preaches, as he’s a major proponent of staying active in his time outside of the doctor’s office.

Image of Dr. Jason Ridgel in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Get to know Dr. Ridgel in our latest physician spotlight.

Living an Active Lifestyle

During the week, Dr. Ridgel is a family physician dedicated to treating patients of all ages. When he’s outside the office, you’ll usually find him practicing what he preaches by staying active.

Dr. Ridgel and his wife Angie have traveled several interesting locations to go hiking and biking. From bike trips through Death Valley to hiking through the Grand Canyon and the Amazon jungle, Dr. Ridgel focuses on turning trips into opportunities to stay active and take in incredible sights.

Dr. Ridgel doesn’t have to be out on the road to stay active, however. He and his wife take full advantage of Cleveland’s gorgeous Metroparks for biking, hiking, and other healthy activities. Dr. Ridgel is also a big fan of flying kites, even competing in some local stunt kite competitions. In addition to counseling you on your health, he may even give you a few pointers on flying kites.

Taking Advantage of Local Food

When you live an active lifestyle like Dr. Ridgel, you’ll need the right fuel to keep your body going. Just like with the Metroparks, Dr. Ridgel is a huge fan of utilizing what the Cleveland area has to offer for your food. Locally-sourced foods are non-processed, fresh, and delicious, making them great options for whatever you’re planning for dinner. Dr. Ridgel is also a big fan of the local restaurant scene for when it’s time for a night out.

Building Relationships at Westshore

When you make an appointment with a Westshore Primary Care physician, you’re building a relationship that will help you for years to come. If you’re looking for a doctor committed to caring for you or your family, give us a call at 440-934-0276 or contact Westshore online and set up an appointment with Dr. Ridgel today.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is for informational purposes only. It does not replace medical care from a licensed physician. If you have a medical concern, please contact your doctor.

Image of Dr. Jason Ridgel and his wife Angie in Utah near Zion National Park. Learn more about how Dr. Ridgel lives the same active lifestyle that he suggests to his patients.

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