Preventing Sunburn in the Snow

When you think about typical places where you might get sun burn, you might imagine a trip to the beach, a baseball game, or some other outdoor activity in the summer. In short, you’re probably not thinking about soaking in too much sun during the winter. However, you probably should.

Image of winter sun protection. Learn more about sunburn in winter.

How Do You Get Sunburn in Winter?

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about sunburn in the winter. The sun’s rays are just as strong in January as they are in July, so direct sunlight on your skin will do just as much damage over time. 

Sunlight can also reflect right off of snow and ice, just like it would off of water in the summer. That can make it especially dangerous for people who go skiing, sledding, or any other activities where they’ll be surrounded by snow for long stretches of time.

How Do I Protect Myself from Winter Sunburn?

Since it’s cold, you likely won’t have nearly as much skin exposed, but your face and hands can still get burned without protection. Sunscreen is still a great go-to for sunburn protection You can also get lip balm that contains sun screen as well. That way you can protect yourself from chapped lips and sunburn. Sunglasses and ski goggles will also protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes.

Stay Safe this Winter

From unexpected sunburn to slips and falls, you need to take plenty of precautions in the winter. If you’re suffering from a winter-related illness or injury or just want to learn more about healthy habits in cold weather, give us a call at 440-934-0276 or contact Westshore online to make an appointment with a local Cleveland family physician today.

Dr. Evan Rae, D.O.

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