Allergies don't have
to make you miserable.

Allergist Says New Allergy Tablets
Offer Promising Option to Weekly Shots

Board-certified allergist/immunologist,
Nancy Wasserbaurer, DO has a special
interest in offering promising new treatment
options to her allergy patients who suffer
sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes.

The latest advance in allergy relief are
prescription tablets that are placed under
the tongue and can be taken at home. Recently approved by the
FDA, the tablets will provide an alternative to allergy shots for
many patients.

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Expert sports medicine
in your backyard.

Sports Medicine Specialist
Brings Experience in Treating
Weekend to Professional Athletes

Zenos Vangelos, DO, brings more than 25 years
of experience in treating amateur and professional
athletes to his new practice at Westshore Primary
Care's Westlake/Detroit Road location.

Since 1991, Dr. Vangelos has served as a team
physician to the Cleveland Indians. He's also
served as team physician to the U.S. Soccer Federation since 1989,
and he's provided physician coverage for hundreds of local high school,
college and amateur sporting events, too.

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Arthritis doesn't have
to slow you down.

Rheumatologist Helps Patients
Achieve the Best Quality of Life

A rheumatologist helps patients with rheumatic disease to have the best possible quality of life. He will assess your symptoms

As a rheumatologist, Mohammed A. Ali, MD,
of Westshore Primary Care, has extensive
experience in diagnosing, treating and
managing patients with arthritis, rheumatic
diseases and osteoporosis. These health problems affect the joints, muscles, bones and sometimes other internal organs. Because these diseases are often complex, they may benefit from the care of a qualified rheumatologist.

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Our Patient Portal assists you with your physician office access.

You as a patient of Westshore Primary Care
now have the opportunity to join our patient access portal.

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