What is a Dermatologist?

Dermatology is the branch of Medicine that is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair, nails and adjacent mucous membranes. A dermatologist is the doctor who has been trained to identify and treat these conditions. Dermatologists also treat cosmetic disorders of the skin, including acne, hair loss, scars, and the skin changes associated with the aging process. Some dermatologists perform cosmetic work such as botox and collagen injections and perform eyelid surgery and liposuction.

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Dermatology Services

A cosmetic consultation with Dermatologist Cynthia Lavery Henry, D.O., M.S., can help you develop a personal treatment plan based on your desires, needs and skin type. There is a $25 fee for all cosmetic consultations, which can be credited toward a cosmetic procedure if performed within 30 days of your consultation.