Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Providers in Ohio

What is an Internal Medicine Physician?
Internal medicine physicians focus on adult medicine and have had special study and training on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases. Often referred to as "internists," internal medicine physicians can deal with whatever problem a patient brings - no matter how common or rare, or how simple or complex. They are trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and can handle severe chronic illnesses and situations where several different illnesses may strike at the same time. They also bring an understanding of wellness, women's health, substance abuse, mental health, as well as effective treatment of common problems of the eyes, ears, skin, nervous system and reproductive organs to their patients. Internal medicine physicians take pride in caring for their patients for life - in the office or clinic, during hospitalization and intensive care, and in nursing homes. When other Medicine specialists, such as surgeons or obstetricians, are involved, they coordinate their patient's care and manage difficult Medicine problems associated with that care.

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